London Marathon Training – Week 1 to 4

So that’s the first four weeks of marathon training done. HOW! London 2019 will be my third Marathon and knowing I am capable of now running/crawling over the finish line, I have new goals. I just want to see what I can do.

After weeks not having a clue on what plan to use. Beginner? Intermediate?! Funny how the obvious solution is usually right there in front of you. Side note. Last year, London was so amazing because I found Megs half way round and ran the remainder with her. It was the BEST. Since then she has launched her own PT business. So who better to ask to do your plans?! Someone that has actually ran a marathon with you?! YES.

The Plan

Megs delivers the plan. Now running. I love this but she tells me I need to do strength. I don’t love the gym (that’s putting it mildly!). Running… I can do this one. Strength training… this gives me the actual fear! Megs tells me my usual classes won’t cut it and tells me to get to F45. Seriously?! FEAR.

Strength Training

So this is something I totally neglected from my last two marathon training plans. And given the back ache I got half way round London 2018, I will trust that Megs has a good point and I need to get a grip.

F45. I spent two weeks worrying. Watching videos online. Reading reviews. Assuming I was too weak with twig like arms and would totally embarrass myself. This is how it went – walk in and see a class. Try to dart for the door. Chin ups?!

The reality of the situation. I loved it! The instructors really look out for you and boost your confidence. Full disclosure – first two weeks the DOMs was rough ha! And maybe I can’t do a chin up… but one day I will! And in four weeks I feel stronger in the classes (don’t know the names.. much to Megs amusement ha!). And it’s fun! Win win.


Weeks one to four and my plan is looking doable! Megs says enjoy this stage ha! (Help me!)

What I particularly love about my plan is that I have two runs a week that are for progression. And one long. I can fit the short ones into lunches or double up on strength days. I can do as I please as long as I get it done. And lunchtime running isn’t so bad along the river!

And instead of just pottering for my usual mid week runs, I now add in some focus on intervals and cadence. I tell you… the cadence sessions and I have a somewhat rocky relationship! But again for weeks on… I can see what our Megs is doing here.

And some weeks Chasinglights have clearly read my run plan! Running with your friends makes life a lot easier! In more ways than one ❤️

Parkrun. Everyone just go once. I could write a book on reasons to go but for now I will save you my parkrun preach! Above everything. It’s helped me relax in a “race” environment.

Overall. My running has felt stronger. Of course, some days the legs don’t feel great and it generally sucks! But stronger. Happy happy with the progress!


Megs and I arrange a PT once a month to catch up and work on stuff (technical I know…). Session one in week four. Our main focus is on making sure I am doing the moves I do in F45 properly so I get the most out of the classes.

Squatting. Picking up the bar thing with weights (?!). Hinging properly. Seriously I have zero idea what these things are called. Can you tell I have never done weights?!

Educational! Having someone you can ask the “silly” questions is brilliant. And now I can hinge! Butt to the wall!

And I’m so so proud of Megs. You may think I am biased. But she is wonderful!

The Four Week Race

End of week four and it was the Winter Run 10km. I was going into this relaxed. And with doughnuts and Dishoom planned for after. So a get it done kind of race.

Only went and got a PB. Now it’s not all about time. But with all this training it’s the one way to track my progress. And I am over the moon. My last 10km PB was three years ago (same race oddly!). And about ten mins of my last 10km race last summer. I CANNOT BELIEVE! I didn’t really pay any attention to my time until 7/8km and was like whaaat is going on! Very happy. And a confidence boost.

Celebrated the day with Emma and all the food. Honestly… London and it’s doughnut scene. Amaze.

Weeks one to four. Completed it!

Lessons learnt

Trust your plan. Strength is very important. You will ache, but you will be ok 🙂

Looking forward to the next four weeks! X

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