Race Review – Vitality London 10,000

A few years ago (when this was a Bupa 10k) this was my first ever EVER run. I had never run outside before. I was in the first wave. Behind Mo. Safe to say I was clueless. And this race has become a firm favorite!

Again, this race was set to be hot. Short shorts weather. This means Body Glide weather. After Hackney Half last weekend I was not going to make this mistake again!

My aim for today. Chill out. This is just my starting point. Post London Marathon, I needed to find a new goal. It came in the form of a little Navspiration – get my 10k time down. I am not about speed. And having always been training for distance, this is one to mix it up. I am also borderline clueless – so tips, send them my way!

So the start was a little congested. I don’t know how or why – but what more can you do than chill and send a photo to the gang. Carl spots me! Turned out I took a photo of the back of his head… and sent it to him. Soon enough we were through the bottleneck and on the way.

Vitality London 10,000 Start Line

OK. I saw Mo! I saw MO! What a hero. End topic.

I love this course. You run out to the city and back to St James Park. And I know the crossing points of the course can be a bit URRGH (Tower Bridge London Marathon – top urrgh point!). Charlie Dark gave great advice for London Marathon – he and warned us the runners would look exhausted not let it worry us. At London my tactic was to just not look. However, I had a new tactic. Look at people and smile. And on the way back from the loop… smile. If nothing else, I don’t want runners going the other way to worry. Happiness is infectious after all.

Also, crossover points are where you can spot your friends! Simone and Kris – you both looked so amazing out there. So strong!

The race support on this race is great. The bands. The charities. The Cheer Dem! The support comes in clusters – but it is big!

St Pauls

Kilometre seven to eight felt like an eternity. I mean, I was convinced that maybe they didn’t put a marker out! But I set this race out with the doing look at the time/distance approach. So I ran on for what felt like 5km to my beautiful cheer squad. Knowing you guys are there – makes the world of difference. You are amazing!

Blink. Crossed the line. A little congestion (they snip your chip off at this one!). Medal. Beautiful shiny silver disk. And yes, I came in second place again! (Side story: Uber on my way my way home from running London Marathon. Cutest driver. Saw my silver medal and thought I won second place! Didn’t have the heart to set him otherwise!).

Next step find Backpackers.

Thank you @Jarnail for these photos!

Backpacker bunch. You forever make me happy. We had an impromptu picnic with our neighbors, had a photo session with our main photographer and a little bit of dancing.

Shortly followed by some Doughnut Time hunting. Running with friends is wonderful.

Tough Choices @ Doughnut Time

Low points: Little congested.

Highlights: No clock watching and running faster than I have in forever. Chasing doughnuts and dancing with your friends on a bank holiday.


Vitality London 10,000 Medal

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