Race Review – Hackney Half 2018

Today I ran the Virgin Sport Hackney Half. Four weeks after London Marathon. And I felt a little nervous. Two weeks of post marathon blues and generally feeling all out of routine from the training. But this was just what I needed! Like Nav says ‘Keep moving’.

8:30 meet up with the ChasingLights lovlies! Pre race chats with Chevy, Lee and Nav. And then time to hit the pens and set off.

Photo creds – Captain Lee

Finding the pen was easy. Group F = fun! It only look about 20 mins to get over the line – and in the warm weather it was no drama! Even saw Lee and Tiana at the start line again! Best send off!

Now, I can’t lie – as soon as I turned out the park and saw that hill (probably a slight incline for most of you!) it suddenly all came flooding back. Hackney is actually a little hilly!

As like in previous years, the support on the course is great. Locals come out. Lots of hi-fives. Water sprays. Jelly babies. Bubbles.

Let’s chat about mile eight. I realised here I had made a terrible mistake. I did NOT use Body Glide. I was in shorts. Who does that! Anyway I was OK to this point so I had to crack on and just hope!

One of the best things about being part of Chasing Lights is that during any race you know there is a group of your friends out there cheering you right at the point that you are going to have to dig deep.

Cheer Dem is fantastic! And another great thing, you know your friends are out there with you running – and I seem to have this thing where I find one every time. Charlotte was my little hero! We twinned on the outfit choice – CLC top, blue shorts, braids and the JayBird hat! (Great choice! ha).

I love cheer dem. For me it can be over whelming. Whenever I know I am going to see CLC cheering (or my mum and sister in London Marathon) just before, I get the nerves! Full on feel like the throat is tight kind of deal. Now there is literally nothing to worry about, it is amazing! Must be adrenaline? (Who knows… someone let me know!). Having Charlotte with me was what was great – sharing moments like that is the one! Thank you!

Cheer Dem!

Mile ten to the end of the run I felt so so hot. My tips for the hot races – take two water bottles, once to drink, one to throw on yourself. And take it slow. Fun PB!

Going around Stratford there are a lot of ups and downs. Charlotte got me running – ‘Lean!!’. With the added heat and sunshine on us it was pretty tough! There was so much water on the course too so never felt in short supply! We did it. Hackney Half. Completed it.

Medal collected. T-shirt and goodies collected. Time to find the CLC crew.

So proud of all my friends out there running, pacing and cheering it. We did it team!!

Celeste was feeling the sun after 21km!

Today was perfect. Running makes me happy. Simple as that. And however stressful or nervy things get, running takes that away.

In the words of Lee –

Highlights: Risking no Body Glide and getting away with it (phew!) Finding Charlotte! Seeing my CLC buddies after a few weeks of being off the radar.

Low points: Not applying appropriate factor sun cream. Note to self: Hackney you run towards the sun!

Now to an exciting week for Backpackers. Going to our new home! x

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