Let’s chat about the day before London Marathon

Excited. Nervous. Worried. Happy. Emotional. Excited again. You name it. I felt it that day.

My concerns when I woke up included –

  • Water. Had I had enough?!
  • Shorts. I did Paris in shorts. And the chafe was unreal. Body Glide?!
  • What if I screwed up ironing my name on my top?
  • Maybe I should have done more strength work?
  • What about shorts and my pale legs?! (I know… get a grip right!)
  • What if I drank too much water? When exactly is too much?!
  • Heat/sunburn/headaches

So I did what we should also do… calmed the hell down and went to get something to eat.

Now this is my theory. So I repeat this when I feel it “you are not nervous, you are excited”. Nerves feel very similar to excitement. Say it enough and you believe it.

The day pretty much involved me running about London in search of Body Glide. This offered full on distraction. Thank you Covent Garden store for ending my three hour trip of worry!

Next essential item. Nails. If I wasn’t wearing my CLC top, I needed to represent somehow. Girls – this also takes an hour of time where you are pampered and distracted. I would recommend for sure! And when feeling a little urgh on race day, you think oh these nails are looking fresh!

Ironing my name on even stresses me out a little. Thanks to my beautiful Backpackers in the WhatsApp guiding me through!

^^ this makes me so happy. The memories. And no I had never run in any of it. What not to do they say. Now to find out..

Bag packed and then it was very much sit and relax before getting an early night. Weirdly by this point it still didn’t feel real. Totally surreal!

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