Cheer Dem – Brighton Marathon 2018

“If you don’t run, you must cheer’. This is rule number of CLC.

One week before I run London Marathon and I headed down to Brighton to cheer on Martin and Louise. Of course, I was running late and threw coffee all over my beautiful Backpackers sign. But Donna, Megs, Keira and I were ready with music, jelly babies and all the fun vibes.

We set up around mile 18 and cheered on the runners – whilst waiting for our two beauties to fly on by. Cheer squad grew strong with Raver Ruth, Paparazzi Jarnail and  Carl (Yes, Big Carl Running!).

We reassembled to the seaside – with a km to go, the runners were looking strong. Joining the rest of the gang. Craig on microphone – you need to witness this guy live. The stuff he comes up with! Personal favorite – ‘This is your victory lap’. And he is so right.

Megs and Craig.

I cannot explain how incredibly proud you feel when you spot your friends. Total pride! Martin and Louise looked so strong. I knew they were. But when you see it up close and the emotion – unreal. Well done both of you! So proud!

Photo cred – @Eric_tolentino

On a side note – slight waves of this is going to be me in a weeks time. Total inspiration both of them.

And all those Backpackers out there. One word. AMAZING. Something happens as the race goes on. The smiles get bigger. Honestly, go watch any race. The party is somewhere round the back!

Highlights – Martin and Louise. No question. Followed by Donna screaming ‘ Anyone want some sugar?!’. Followed by voicemails. If you know, you know!

Learning points – Must have tear away numbers for signage. If you know, you know.

Taper time! x

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