Race review – Big Half 2018

This morning I completed the Big Half – my half marathon before London marathon.

I was in the green start zone at Tower Hill.. a nice half an hour from home so not getting up so so early was lovely! Bag drop was easy and finding the pen easy. What was not easy was the 45 min wait and being so chilly. Lesson learnt – I will feel cold after half an hour!

So we set off.. now I can’t pretend this was the most thrilling of routes. However, it is along the London Marathon route and I think that’s great! Some bits are going to be less than interesting but the good thing is I know I can do it. Silver linings hey! And running over Tower Bridge is always amazing!

My GPS also cut out. Clue meltdown. I never thought I really used my tracker for running other than distance. Turns out I do! Another lesson – sort out watch for marathon day!

My high high point for this run was mile nine. This was the Cheer Dem Crew zone – and this genuinely got me through the vast majority of that race. Knowing you have a bunch of lovlies spending their Sunday in the cold cheering you and your running buddies on means the world. Thank you!

The next two miles were tough. But fear not, I knew what I needed to do. I popped on “this is me”, hit repeat and thought of the finish line. This song has become my ultimate running track! Honestly, give it a go! (Not seen the film, must put it on the list of things to do!)

Miles 11 onwards I got a grip and could focus on getting to the finish line. I knew where I was, how far and knew I had run this many many times.

Now post run finish. Random random medal? But it makes me smile it is that random! The usual walk along and pick up bits in the way. T shirt. Bag of goodies (water, lucozade, nut bar, coffee, green coke, all the leaflets!), silver cape! The bag pick up point was also really quick and painless. Top marks for that! Coat on and headed back home for all the food!

And in the style of my Backpacker lovlies –

Low points: lack of atmosphere on the course

High points: Cheer Dem Crew. Running friends are amazing!

All the love x

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