New start

So I have been forever meaning to start up a blog. Mainly so I can start tracking what I am up to. I was that kid with a diary.. so this suits me to a tea!

So this whole running thing started in Jan’16 after one of my best girls said running a marathon would be a “great” idea. So 1st Jan I headed out for a hungover run round the block. Genuinely I struggled with 1km. But with Candice coaching me through the next three months I ended up running 5km straight, then 10km and then a half!!! (That’s mad right!!!). Hard work but the Paris Marathon was one of the best days of my life!

So anyone that ever thinks hmm maybe could I do this? You can. DO IT!!! It was incredible. I spent half being so happy that each water stop had such an incredible range of snacks! Ha! And nothing can prepare you for the park at the end. Yea how bad can the last 5km be?! I just ran that seven times over already. Honestly could I have been more wrong. Point is I made it. Eventually. And I would I would do it again in a heartbeat!

So between then and now – I lost my job to redundancy, bounced back, got obsessed with running, hated running, fell in love with spin, got sciatica, ran a few races, found barre… So my aim – get back in love with running and get consistent with it! Get better at it with other healthy bits to support it all. And maybe if I have a little ramble about what I am up to here too it will keep me on track a tad. So here goes… x

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